Chapter One
The Mystery Revealed


As I stated earlier on the practice of hypnosis has always been something that I found intriguing. As I dabbled in it as a teen, although I was not nearly as proficient back then as I am today, I still had a lot of fun with it.


But now as we begin to get into the content of the course I feel that it is necessary to make this statement one more time. There is really no mystique or mystery about hypnosis. Even though, so many people just starting out have difficulty inducing trance in another individual. That was my motivation in the writing of this book. I have written this book is to show you how, in a step by step manner, and help you to master the field of hypnosis and become a hypnotist in as short a period as possible. Whether it is your desire to pursue a lucrative career as a certified hypnotherapist (this certification, of course, is available through the American Self-Help Institute upon successfully passing the certification exam and submitting 3 scripts on specific areas that are dealt with by many hypnotists). Further information about that will be available later in the book.


Of course, as I said, Hypnosis has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager, I was always amused by the concept of making my friends jump around on one leg flapping their arms, and clucking like a chicken.

So in this, my first book on the subject I will bring forth the time tested principles that have been passed down to me throughout the years from the various sources from which I have studied the craft. This will be a beginners course however as we outline in a simple to understand step by step exactly what you will need to know to be the life of any party. And who knows you may even end up with a career as a hypnotist yourself. Of course in this short beginner’s course we will not cover the complex aspects, but the basics as it is simply meant to be a quick start introduction to wet the reader’s appetite so to speak. But in the study, the point is to train you to a certain level of proficiency in the subject.


But in the cut to the chase method of conveying the information I have eliminated the hype and the history for that can be learned on your own time as you feel it necessary, but instead concentrated more on the what you do, the how you do it, and how it works. This makes hypnosis plain and simple. As a matter of fact, the first textbook in a hypnosis course that I took was nearly 500 pages in length, and the one thing that I realized about that was that in my opinion the author just liked to hear himself talk as there was much information that surely was not necessary. It is my intention that you should be comfortable reading through the entire text in one to two sittings, and then as needed reread it to reinforce the concepts being taught.

You should also have handy a pen and paper because you never know when a hidden jewel might just jump out and bite you.


There will be exercises throughout the book, that in order to be successful on your journey that you will need to complete, and along with those exercises there will also be real life suggestions that will only help you to advance in your proficiency as a hypnotist.


Read through the book as many times as you need until you feel proficient, learn the scripts, and the tips and tricks to writing your very own scripts. And as you progress through the course you will become proficient at either hetero-hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

Of course, each and every one of us has at one time or another been hypnotized, even if we didn’t know it. Let me give you a couple examples of those trance states you may or may not have experienced.


There was a pretty remarkable experience that I had in my life involving trance state. I would like to share it with you here so you truly can grasp exactly what a trance state and being suggestible truly is and is not.


The first experience happened to me when I was 12 years old. I was an adolescent boy that like just about any other adolescent boy had a particular subject in school that I was not the least bit interested in. Earth Science! To say that I hated the class would, of course, be an understatement. But I did go to class every day not because I wanted to, but because I had to. Now I was determined that nothing that teacher would say or do would make me like the subject. I simply was not interested in it and didn’t really care to learn anything about it. As a matter of fact, I still to this day am not a big fan of science in general.


But, I had an incredible experience in that class that would forever alter the way I thought about learning or mastering any life skill.


Now I have to be completely honest here and say that I was the kid that sat in the last seat in the first row, and was content disturbing anyone who would pay attention to me, not because I was mean, but because I didn’t want to learn anything in that class therefore why would anyone else want to, so I was known for being just a little disruptive.  I would talk to the girl sitting in front of me or the guy sitting to my right, and to say that this did not make my teacher very happy would be well less than truthful.


So once the people around me started ignoring me I was bored silly in that class, so what I did do while I was completely ignoring the teacher’s lectures is that I would read the assignment for the next day, after all, I didn’t want to have to carry that five pound textbook home with me that night to do the reading for the next day.

Then came the “day of reckoning” the first test of the year, and as I read the first question on the test I felt as though I was surely doomed. But what I found out that day as I said was something that changed the way that I have learned anything in my life forever. You see as I read the first question, “Why does the earth spin?” Which by the way was not an unrealistic question to start off the first test in an Earth Science class, I heard myself ask myself the question in my mind, now, of course, that was something that happens whenever you read a question that you are tasked with answering, but I had never paid much attention to that in any other subject, because I honestly had never taken any other class that I disliked as much as that one. But as I asked myself the question a series of things began to happen, things that up until that time I had never give much thought to, but because I had never bothered to listen to the lectures, and had only read the book the magic that was my subconscious mind kicked in. Because every experience we have in our lives is stored in our subconscious mind, everything we have seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled, all stored in the memory banks of the subconscious mind. Now obviously at 12 years old, I didn’t have a real clear understanding as to even the difference between the conscious level of the mind or the subconscious level of the mind (that real understanding was not revealed to me until about four years later in my psychology class).  But as I asked myself the question “why does the earth spin” a subject that I had probably read something about along the way the most incredible thing happened. My subconscious did exactly what it is supposed to do, and provided me with an answer. There was, of course, one problem with the answer that I received, you see my subconscious didn’t have a very good sense of humor (which by the way in all of us it does not) and the answer it gave me was surely not one that I could have ever written on the test sheet. Now, why do I say that? Well, the answer I received was simply this, “I don’t know why the earth spins, nor do I give a flying expletive” Gee that sounded like my attitude about the whole subject. But as I said there was no way that I could have written that answer on the test, heck I would have gotten thrown out of school. So I asked myself the same question just in a different way, I reformatted the question if you will, and asked myself, cmon, man you can’t write that down, and you also can’t afford to fail this first test of the year, so give me something I can write down and at least be able to defend if the teacher didn’t like what I had to say. Well remember I said this was an incredible experience for me, and then all of a sudden three things popped into my mind.


The first thing was a picture of the blackboard in the front of the room. And there was lots of writing on the blackboard, but most of that writing was blurry and I could not read it, but was very clear, was the little bit of information that the teacher had written on the board as to why the earth spun. You see I had asked myself a very specific question and the subconscious’ job was to deliver to me the answer, and deliver it did.


Now that was the first thing that popped into my mind, and that was pretty cool in my opinion. The second thing that popped into my mind was a page in the textbook, remember I said I did actually do the reading while I sat bored silly in class in an attempt to not pay any attention to the teacher, who actually allowed me to read simply because when I was reading I wasn’t disrupting her class. Yet again the only writing on the page that I could read clearly was what had to do with why the earth spun. Again that was really incredible to me. How was that happening? Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

The third thing that popped into my mind was like an audio clip, it was like that teacher was leaning over and whispering in my ear the very portion of the lecture that she had delivered about you guessed it I am sure, why the earth spun. Now I know that she surely wasn’t whispering sweet nothings in my ear because she was not fond of me and I wasn’t too crazy about her either. But how cool was that? You see I can honestly say that I did not pay any attention to anything that teacher had said up until that point, yet somehow it was there in my subconscious mind and coming forward as if I had attentively participated in that class. The information even though I was not listening and most likely daydreaming had entered into my subconscious, where it was stored and I was able to retrieve it simply by asking myself a simple question.

I, of course, was able to answer the question, I was able to pass that test, and subsequently, that class that year, all because I had figured out how to ask myself the right question.


This is the power of the mind and once you understand that power then you can use it to your advantage whether you are attempting to induce self-hypnosis or hetero-hypnosis.


So in the next chapter, we are going to discuss just a little more of what hypnosis really is before we get into the fun part.


I hope that you have enjoyed this chapter and will continue to follow along throughout the rest of the course, and please feel free to leave any comments below as I love to hear from my readers. Thanks for visiting.

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