This website is devoted to helping you our readers to first and foremost have a much better understanding of exactly what hypnosis is and how you can use it to improve just about any area of your life. Secondly, this site will serve as a resource for many hypnosis products that are specifically designed to help you to improve the quality of your life.

I have spent the last few years both studying and mastering the art of hypnosis.

The power of hypnosis is not in the therapist but in your own mind. You see if you do not really desire to change then the change that you sought will at very best be short lived. One of the most common requests that I hear from clients is to help them quit smoking. Of course, we all know that smoking is not good for you, it can cause numerous health issues, yet millions of people worldwide get up and the first thing they do in the morning is reach for that first cigarette.

So whenever anyone asks me to help them to quit smoking I ask them, is quitting smoking something that they are truly committed to themselves, or has someone else encouraged them that they should quit? There is, of course, a difference, and the results would vary for that person based on their personal level of commitment.  If quitting is something they truly desire to do then often the help of a therapist like myself will help them to achieve long-term success, But if they are simply going through the process to appease someone else (a parent, a child, or a mate) then they may or may not experience success for they were not truly committed to that success. The first time they were out in the club, drinking with their buddies and asked one for a cigarette then they would be right back to smoking again, or the first sign of a stressful situation in which they were previously conditioned to smoke and they will stop at the first store and buy a pack of cigarettes, and of course the rest, as they say, would be history.

I know personally how powerful hypnosis is in making life long change when the individual is committed as I have used it myself very successfully.  But without personal commitment on the part of the subject, the effectiveness of hypnosis would be marginal at best.


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-Dr Carl Welliver, PhD, CHT