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Product Reviews:

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American Self Help Institute’s Product Review of Manifestation Millionaire

Just like most people, the thought of increasing my income and savings was my top priority for the longest time. I knew I could have gotten another job (not a real option for me as I work way to hard now) or worked more hours per week (not my idea of fun) to do this, why would I want to do either of those things, so I just like so many others procrastinated. I was already putting in long hours at work and was earning a pretty decent income, but it never seemed to be enough, after all, no matter how much we make we always desire more.

So instead, I wanted to find ways to improve my wealth without having to do a lot of work. I know that’s not the right mindset but, honestly, who has the time these days? Then I found The Manifestation Millionaire, and it changed just about everything for me, and can for you too!

When I came across The Manifestation Millionaire which is all about changing your short- and mid-term thinking, while using manifestation techniques to increase wealth and abundance. This is all done without the endless and boring brain training and positive thinking exercises and affirmations that a lot of self-help products require. And when I purchased the program I also purchased a couple of the upsells (more awesome information).

Along with The Manifestation Millionaire the basic entry level purchase, I also received the e-books The Laws of Wealth Manifestation and the Manifestation Mastermind, as well as the 5 Minute Motivation Supercharger audio pack—just what I needed—and another bonus on top of that! But have to love the Bonuses when you dish out your hard earned cash on a product, any bonus is just a value added. I was surprised that all the bonuses were of such high-quality, and that they had such solid takeaways in them. With a lot of the other products that I have purchased in the past, the bonus content was just stuff that was already in the main product but repackaged and regurgitated.

The Complete Manifestation Millionaire Package with Added Bonuses

Pros of The Manifestation Millionaire Program

The Manifestation Millionaire is insightful and it is easy to understand.

The concepts and ideas are broken down simply, and each section is clearly laid out in a way that takes you through a journey which refines your manifestation techniques so that they work a lot more effectively.

The wealth manifestation techniques are fresh and very interesting. Although I haven’t had time to put them all into practice, I can see how they can work to attract more money or whatever it is you desire to attract into your life.

Also, the bonuses that come with The Manifestation Millionaire are not a necessity to read or listen to. However, they do supplement the information that is covered in The Manifestation Millionaire well. The bonuses that really stood out for me were the Laws of Wealth Manifestation that covers the foundation of wealth creation, and the 5 Minute Motivation Supercharger audio pack, which was also excellent.

Cons of The Manifestation Millionaire Program

The Manifestation Millionaire starts off covering the basics and can be a little tedious at first especially if you are a student of the Law of Attraction as I am. I did in all fairness to writing this review had to go through the initial parts again because I skipped them. For someone who’s had some successes with wealth manifestations in the past, there are techniques that you’ll already know. This could have just been my own fault, but again, if you’ve used wealth manifestation techniques before, you could, of course, skip the first section but I would honestly recommend going through the entire program.

American Self Help Institutes Product Summary of The Manifestation Millionaire Program

The Manifestation Millionaire is a great product, especially if you want to improve your life without having to put in hours of hard work or boring repetitive brain training exercises.

Within a few weeks, you could potentially double your income if you are willing to try these new techniques, and make the jump into a new way of thinking. For some folks this could take a bit of time to do, but for me this was something that was easy, and took only 10 minutes a day, using this new manifesting method. I am already seeing small changes in my life that I would have never achieved before.

American Self Help Institutes Rating of The Manifestation Millionaire: 4/5

This program does, of course, come with a 60 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. So if you do desire more out of life, why not take advantage of the LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE.