About Dr. Welliver & American Self Help Institute

Dr. Carl Welliver, Ph.D., CHT, CMT is a professional educator with over 17 years teaching experience. Also an ordained non-denominational Christian minister and the Founder and General Overseer of the Church of Faith an Internet ministry that reaches countries throughout the world with his teachings. His teachings and writings have impacted thousands of people worldwide.

Dr. Welliver is also a certified hypnotherapist, and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and established his private practice in 2012 and has recently changed the name to the Complete Mind Therapy Institute to reflect his method of treatment, which combines various modalities in the treatment of his clients dealing with various life issues from quitting smoking, weight loss, and dealing with many other life issues and phobias.

Dr. Welliver is an author, teacher and motivational speaker, maintaining an active teaching schedule. He is also a certified Business and Life Success Coach as well as a Law of Attraction Coach.

He has spent the last five years developing over 1000 hypnosis scripts to help his clients deal with a wide variety of life issues. Hypnosis is a passion for him as he was his own first client. He has used self-hypnosis over the past 5 years to reach his desired weight loss goal and maintain that weight for over 24 months now.

Success and Complete Mind Therapy really work.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions on any page or post throughout the site, after all, you are the reason that we exist here at the American Self-Help Institute and we value your feedback.

-Dr Carl Welliver, PhD, CHT